Tuesday, 12 August 2014

It's only fair!!

Well after Dad and I got in trouble last time for playing with needles... it's only fair that the girls get in the dog house when they make trouble!
looking all innocent...
Zelie, the youngest PR finally did an egg, but wasn't a great one. She got so shocked by it all that she became quite badly sick... So Mum had to syringe feed her with antibiotics and wetted feed. Mum did try to share the duties with Dad, but he didn't succeed to feed her, apparently Mum said that he was waiting for her to open her mouth and she didn't Bwahaha...
Then on top of that, they are little pests. They look all innocent and sweet when the minions look at them, and then as soon as they turn their back, the girls start fighting between each other! Mum thought that one of the currawong attacked Winifred the silver grey Dorking, as she was bleeding from the top of her beak. But actually, it was Barnie... They are sooooo naughty!!!
nose bleeding or not one has to look ones best
Last week one of them decided that she was going to lay an egg from the top of the perch... The perch is at more than 1m height... Guess what happened to the egg! SPLAT!!! Now I'm sulking because I was promised one and it got all splattered on the floor :(. And also they lay their eggs whenever they want, it can be at 7am through to 4pm... I'm hungry waiting for my omelette me! Have a bit of consideration!!! And don't want to say but only two of them are truly working, the other 4 are still broken...

I also don't want to keep dobbing on them but they keep digging spots and makes the front garden look like a crazy mole as taken residence in the front yard. As well as nibbling all of the leaves of the hedge plants that the minions placed in the front.

And just while I'm at it I shall add that Winifred escaped twice while Mum was trying to clean them up on Saturday...
So you see I'm a really good puppy while the girls are being the naughtiest ever, but oh no, who is being called a silly naughty pup? ME, while I'm being so good!!! That is not FAIR.
what is she doing in here again? 
got any food? 
big grown up girl Mildred

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