Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The girls are growing a lot!

It's a long time I haven't talked to you about the girls isn't it! Well the feathery butts are still here, all of them... not my fault!... And gosh unless mum swaps them every week, I think they are growing quite a lot. 
One thing for sure is that they are not scared of me. Depending of the day and the state I am in, I either pretty much just glance at them or go on the full point trance (well for example if mum made me run in rabbit heaven just before...). Mum is always laughing at me cause the point usually happens in the late evening when they are not even out, but who cares they SMELL!!!

Last weekend I was very upset, because the minions both went out and played chase and catch with the girls! I wanted to play too but I was stuck in the house, how unfair! But then they said that they were treating the girls, eww the girls are dirty, nananananereuh, ewww better keep my distance ;P
Apparently they were discussing that the girls might soon get more space and start being allowed to run free in the front garden! Uh what? MORE space out of MY house? I don't think so!! Has anybody even asked for my opinion? I'm not even mentioning asking for my permission...

And I don't want to say, but I thought all that malarkey was supposed to be for all the eggs they were going to produce to make my treats, not wanting to dob on anyone but I don't see a lot of eggs! I'm not buying the "it's winter" excuse. Those girls are lazy and living the good life without having to pay their way! Or they are broken... Oh yeah I like that explanation better... Muuuuuummmm the hens are broken and not working, I'll go and eat them to make space for new ones... thx brb :*
the young'uns
better look at the little silver grey dorking on the right
the "old" folks
all of the girls in complete... ahem...
PS for my lovely readers who haven't suffered enough the annoyance of english text writing thx brb :* means thanks, I'll be right back, kisses!

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