Thursday, 19 June 2014


Hi there! Gosh that's a real fight to be able to access the computer these days! Mum's always saying she's working... Who is she trying to kid, I can see she's just looking at the newspaper! 
Anyway, we've been doing plenty of things, lots of walks and retrieving work lately. A bit of agility in the backyard too, but lots of Obedience/RallyO moves with precision work for 'gility too. And Mum and I have been busting some dance moves. We need a bit of practice if we want to get dance routines together, so it's trick times here. And the advantage is that sometimes we don't need to go out too much late in the day cause it's dark and cold outside!!!

My main problem lately though, is that there are a lot of possums and kangaroos around and Mum never lets me play with them... Not fair! We even saw thousands of babbits a few nights ago and still she kept going on and on about how I had to sit and be calm... blah blah blah... I'm sure that they would have loved a game of chase really... Who wouldn't? But Mum doesn't seem to want to bulge from that idea, so I guess I'll have to humour her for a bit... However, to show my discontent when we're back home, I'll pout until she notices, take pity and give me her food... Not that it works much, I'm just starving...
I'll pout and sulk then...

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