Saturday, 14 June 2014

House chores

As you may know, Dad is a bit obsessed with mowing. Personally I don't really get it but I thought I was going to have a bit of bonding time with him... So I got him to teach me how to mow the loan. Gosh what did I start! He was just going on and on and on. Explaining all the details about not only the mower, but how and when to cut the grass...
Let's get started!
After a bit he finally told me how to start the big machine. So I have to hold the handle down and pull on that little handle. Then it should start, but I have to keep holding the handle down, pfff not easy!
that's where the starting squiggly is...
And then, gosh, he restarted talking about everything for ages. I just wanted to get on with it and have my dinner... But at least now I know how to mow (ow ow ow :P ), so I can do that during the day when the minions are out, working hard for my kibble.
pfff, blah blah blah... can he get on with it...


  1. Can't believe it, poor Mawson, you have to do good at the agility, you watch the chicks, and now you have to do chores!!! and even after all of this you don't get to seat on the sofa!!! life is really unfair sometimes!!!!!

  2. I know!! *places paws on forehead for dramatic effect* I am so mistreated! I'm glad that the World finally gets to see the hardship I am in with those minions!! And the hens don't even respect me! They look at me and cackle and they're not even scared. Was has a pup got to do to get recognised over here!!!!

  3. The mower is the PERFECT size for Mawson! well done pup! I think Jaxon would have to stand on his shoulders to reach the push bar!