Friday, 24 May 2013

The new "us" of the southern hemisphere

When we just moved back, Martin's mum generously let us stay at her house for a while. We then looked for a place a bit closer to work and closer to the house hunting grounds. The little rented flat we found was great and we had a whole array of australian feathery friends. Some cheekier than others. A couple of rainbow lorikeets decided we weren't too bad and elected to be honorary residents at our place. They came round every morning and evening calling us for seeds and diluted honey and even ventured in the house to find us if the window was open!! They were great fun and we were quite sad to leave them when we moved to the house we just bought.

Sulfur crested cockatoes

Rainbow lorikeets

Cheecky lorikeets driven by their bellies


After quite a bit of hard work, we finally found a lovely house, had a bit of a bidding war and won!
So here we went for another move, hopefully the last one for a while. All went nearly ok except that I was horrendously sick on the day with a splitting headache. There was also an interesting complete delamination of the tyre from the trailer. But all in all, it got done...

Little problem during the move!

Then a couple of empty months later, the container with all our furnitures and clothes arrived, which made nice towers of boxes in the house. Didn't realised we had accumulated so much in our previous place and made me realise as well that I had personally packed all those boxes about 8 months earlier!

Boxes and boxes...

So, here we are new continent, new house, new jobs... now to the next crazy new thing in our lives...

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