Friday, 24 May 2013

The return to Oz

When we left Australia after Martin secured a post doctoral job in the UK, we were absolutely adamant that we would stay there for a maximum of 3 years tops. Nine years later only an amazing job opportunity for both of us back in Sydney sealed our return and we finally set sails back to the land down under.

During our time on the great british isle, we've made some good friends in and outside work, got involved with a rabbit rescue charity (Fat Fluffs) and ended up being a trustee for an altogether to short a time. This meant I actually filled up the house with bunnies. Two of our own and up to 16 fosters! We had a good little house we renovated just in time to sell it... lived in the lovely midlands (nice countryside, great for walks, but quite a lack of sunshine), and got an allotment a couple of months before leaving after being on a waiting list for nearly 2 years!

Altogether we had a lot of fun and even a bit of regret to leave but coming back to Australia is the next big adventure.

My nice quaint English cottage garden

The garden

Our snow bunnies

Back to Oz

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