Monday, 27 May 2013

A crazy idea

When we left the UK, we very regrettably had to leave our bunnies behind as we could not get them into Australia. After a few years of having little furry friends, the new house was feeling very empty. For a while we had been toying with the idea of getting a furry friend a tiny bit bigger than rabbits. We did quite a bit of research, excitedly waited for interminable weeks and got ready.

Ready! Can I see those toys trembling?

Then, following what seemed an eternity, we finally met and brought back home a small little terror.
When we went to meet and pick him, we first saw the little girls, tiny cute creatures! We originally wanted a petite female because we thought that she would be easier as a first GSP... But they were all reserved so we got pick of the boys. The first thing we noticed when the boys joined us later was that they were a lot bigger than the girlies at the same age. And in the bunch there was also one of the pup who was definitely much bigger than any of the others. Not noisy, very calm, looking around, happy to wrestle with the other pup and always happy to be on the bottom of the pile.

Pile of puppies! Only one is on his back...

He was maybe a bit more reserved than the others but something kept drawing us back to him every time. Obviously, both of us had to set our heart on that big monster even though we were thinking that he was definitely nowhere near "petite"!! That is the difference between being rational and looking at those big paws and that gorgeous little face while entirely forgetting about the fact that puppy was already more than 6kg at 8weeks!

Mawson was fitting in Martin's arms!! For a short time...

Look at the size of that paw!!!!

During the time we were waiting to go and meet mister pup, we had been in deep thoughts about what name we would use. We originally thought that Gromit would be great, and we were quite set on that name (I still love that name!). But then when Sue asked us what name we had chosen so that she could complete the registration papers, we both chickened out! There was no way such a cute pup could be named Gromit! It wasn't fitting, so we said that we were hesitating between a few and we would give her the final choice name when we came back to pick him up the next week. Lies! All lies!! We just did not have any name, no hesitation there... So back to the drawing board. We wanted something different than dogs name, a bit  of a special name. And then our eyes met with a book of the table. The biography of Douglas Mawson, an Australian geologist, Antarctic explorer and academic. How much better could you do! And last year was the Mawson's centenary commemorations, it was a sign. The next week a big puppy named Mawson came back home with us, and so the story begins...

Can you resist those eyes?

First day home!

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