Thursday, 25 December 2014

The great storm

My woofness what weeks we are having. It is supposed to be summer, and in Oz that means a lot of sun and heat. But for a while we have had heaps of rain and crazy storms. Now, it is not too bad to have rain as Dad is happy that the grass is watered so it grows and he can keep cutting it... But I have had a bit enough now!

We have had everything but mostly lots of rain! The minions have had to empty the pool numerous times. We have even had a huge hail storm! You can see the amount of water and hail in the short video.

The hail stones were bigger than my paws!! Was the first time that I saw things like that falling from the sky. I had heard about cold stuff called snow from some of my buddies on twitter but never something like that! I tried to play with it and crunch some, but it was a bit cold on my tootsies...
nearly as big as a tea light!!
Then, on that same day it rained even more. We had more than 10 cm in the space of just 10 minutes and lots of wind. After all of the hail and the amount of water falling down, it started raining in the house too... The minions were running around like headless chickens with buckets and towels to try to contain the leaks.
I promise, it wasn't even me...

Following our amusement, mum decided that I hadn't had enough exercise in the morning, so she declared that we were going for a walk around the block.
She got all ready quickly .... So after my snooze, uh sorry I did say quickly... Well we started walking, I was sniffing a bit, a few metres in some drops started coming down. about 100m in, we were getting properly soaked. We only turned the corner of the street and Mum said we had to run back home. Which means I had to drag her bum all the way down the street. She is so slow I helped quickening things up. Dunno why she was scared to trip and be dragged through the mud...
So basically we had the shortest wettest walk ever. Then the storm started again. Winds were so strong that they pushed the stone mushroom from the front garden... Vandal!! Where am I going to wee in the morning?!?!
I think that I should definitely start building an arch, we could all move in, the girls and I can snuggle together... 

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