Sunday, 25 May 2014

A little bit of serious fun

The minions have been doing some new things lately. We've been doing a bit of retrieving training. I'm a GunDog you see... And that means that my traditional job, besides having to be spoilt by my minions *ahem*, is to point game for my humans to shoot and go to retrieve "it" if they succeed... Now my minions are not hunters, they don't shoot things, mum can't even shoot my HiBounce ball with her foot, so I don't think I want to see what she can do with something more dangerous! But all that doesn't mean we can't train and compete in retrieving activities. Trials here are done with bumpers and sometimes frozen dead birds. 

The whole idea of retrieving is to have a pup (me!) staying relatively close by to his human through the fields (running around like a loon is not considered under control unfortunately...). Pup got to stay next to them when they "shoot" the target (basically they got either another human throwing a dummy or a machine that throws it in the air) and only when told.... Go and fetch the target straight here and back, present it nicely and give it unchewed to the expectant minion! Now all that is good and well but I do think that is a bit of an example of laziness from the minions, but I don't care cause I love it!! 
That is the early stages of retrieving after you can add multiple targets and blind retrieves, where we pups don't see where the target went. Can also have water retrieves, now that is hard, not for the water, well not for me at least cause I love going in the water! But because we need to go and retrieve the target in the water, then come out with it in our mouth go to the minion and present it as for a normal retrieve, but we cannot have a good shake when coming out of the water!!!! Got to stay dripping wet until the minion takes the bleaming dummy until us pup can finally get all that cold water out of our fur, and that my friends IS HARD!!!

Anyway, we've been doing a lot of training on that lately, mostly with dad. Last afternoon we went with some lovely ladies and plenty of buddies and we had a good go at doing things properly. Was a bit far but I didn't mind. It was great, learnt heaps and dad said that we would certainly do some more training sessions, yippee!
ooops! I'm not in...
throw it com'on throw it!
So now we continue doing a bit of training for that it the morning. Dad is even training to abandon me!! Yes for sure, why would he attach me to the fence and tell me to stay quiet...
So that's what we do in the morning, dad throws the bumper and I got to go find them and get them back to him. And those bumpers are big I tell you!
found a bumper...
I'mph bphringingph phit  backph

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