Saturday, 20 July 2013

Quality control

Mawson has adopted an infallible system to make sure every item we bring in the house is passing a rigorous quality test.

Quality control goes as follows:
1- approach new object, sniffing
2- look at new object from top with ears and lips flopping down
3- drop toy in new object
4- look around satisfied that new object has been tested

This works for swimming pools (ok we didn't "bring" that one in the house but it needs regular testing just in case we changed something), pots of paints, buckets full of car washing shampoo... everything!
I sort of prefer that testing method to his first encounter with an open pot of paint, where he dived right in with his nose before I could get to him... well I think he still remembers his light turquoise nose and the wash that ensued. Luckily it was an easy water based paint, but now we are extra careful...

Ready for next testing

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