Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I'm the real hunter

This is it! Last week, when we went in that funny smelly place I realised that I am the master, the powerful invincible hunter. No prey can resist me, I sniff, I point, I hunt, I... damn, I was on that lead cause mum and dad didn't trust me to not run straight to a big grey kangaroo, as if he could resist me! They are cramping my style!!

Masterful point

Surveying the hunting ground

At least I could see those pesky kangaroos and wallabies. They were just defiant because I was chained and enslaved, but I know that they were trembling in their boots just from the sight of me. They were just trying to bluff their way when they continued munching on the grass as if nothing was there, I know it. I am sure that they couldn't even swallow in fear...

They are there!!!!


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