Wednesday, 14 January 2015

They've even found new pets!

See told you I was badly looked after... Not only do they spend all of their time doing some gardening, which between you and me, is just a fake excuse to tease me and have fun doing some digging that they always forbid me to do.... Well now they are even playing with new pets in the house!! 
I thought that the hens were largely annoying enough, at least they are at the front of the house... But no!! The minions are now playing with the spiders in MY backyard and on MY patio. I am not even allowed to play along. Always sent away! Poor me. Mum keeps dancing and using little cans that spray smelly stuff. I am not sure how fun those new guys are because they don't seem to have a lot of stamina. They appear to always take very long naps together after playing with the minions. Think they are very bored easily those weird new pets...

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