Sunday, 30 November 2014


Well pals, I was complaining about Mum being a bit clumsy and bumping on stuff, but I have to say that I did beat her on the dodgy happenings... Just before Dad came back last week, Mum thought that I was looking a bit weird. She looked at me a bit closer and turns out that I had a rather big bump on me head! Just on one side! I had a bit of an eye ouchy during the week before but she took care of it and it cleared up. My head really blew up, quite a bit and fairly quickly. The minions waited to see how it was going, before deciding if we were visiting to the dreaded V.E.T.  as I was still eating (well why wouldn't you?!?!?!) and behaving as normal, that is to say very well, of course!! Thankfully they held up for the vet as they believed it was going to stress me more at the time. And apparently another GSP lady had the same thing happen to her and it passed all alone.
Mum is pretty sure that on the second day I had a few hours with a bit of a temperature but then the bump came down and it was feeling much less hot.

You will be happy to know that I am back to my handsome self now, all is sorted, and I did that all alone too in just a couple of days. They think I must have had a small infection, maybe in the ear, that cleared up. They do not think I knocked myself on something or got bitten.

Mum's other explanation is that my brain leaked out, though she says it's surprising with only one neurone...!! RUDE!!!

I think I will make up my own dramatic story, just because Mum's ones are either far too pragmatic...or too rude...
Lovely handsome ME!

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